shelvedb submodule

Module used to load/store object from/to shelve database.

In python 2.7, there is no context manager for shelve. So this is it.

Bases: object

Class that can save and load itself to shelve.

Path to the database file.

Path to the log file.

Is the logging enabled?

Log the message to the log.

Parameters:msg (str) – Message which should be logged.

Save this object to shelve.

Load the database from the shelve fn.

  • fn (str) – Path to the database file.
  • db_key (str) – What database key to use. Default DATABASE_KEY.
  • creator (reference) – Reference to the function, which will create new RequestDatabase if the old is not found. Default lambda, which expects fn parameter lambda fn: ...

RequestDatabase instance from the fn or newly created.

Return type: